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Journeys in American History

World War II In Europe — Normandy Weekend

D-DAY and the Battle of Normandy

Omaha Beach – Utah Beach – Pointe du Hoc
Ste. Mère Eglise – St. Lô
Pegasus Bridge

June and September 2015


World War II In Europe — Normandy Weekend–
The Rhine — Bavaria

 D-DAY and the Battle of Normandy

Omaha Beach – Utah Beach – Pointe du Hoc
Pegasus Bridge – Ste. Mère Eglise – St. Lô


Bastogne – Battle of the Bulge – Hürtgen Forest
Siegfried Line – Remagen


Dachau – Berchtesgaden – Eagle's Nest – Munich – Nuremberg

June and September 2015





President Lincoln with General McClellan after the battle at Antietam.
Pickett’s Charge at the Angle and Copse of Trees—the Confederates’ farthest advance before retreating, referred to as the
“High Water Mark of the Confederacy.” From the Philippoteaux Cyclorama, 1884, at Gettysburg National Military Park.
We will retrace the path of Pickett’s Charge, accompanied by our guide.

This Hallowed Ground

A Patriotic Journey Through the Civil War
In Virginia and at Gettysburg

May, June, September, October 2015




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